Grandma’s dementia is full blown today. She has fallen twice because she has forgotten she can not walk and continues to try and get out of bed. She is talking total nonsense. She broke out in hysterical laughter over a comment I made, which was not funny at all. This has gone on all day.  They took her temp and vitals and all was fine. They thought she may have a UTI, which could have explained the strange behavior, but they checked and she doesn’t.

Telling me how classy I look.  Lol.

Telling me how classy I look. Lol.

She is repeating herself every minute and making very strange comments. She is complaining of an odd feeling in her head. She looks feverish but does not have a fever. She has been quite argumentative and cursing at the staff. Today has been a very off day!

She wants her cat Mia and I can’t wait until she can get out of here and be with her cat. That’s my hope to bring her some peace and comfort.

She keeps saying “this has been a very strange happening”. When I ask her to explain, she tells me how she likes my French manicure. The whole conversation goes on and on and makes no sense and then starts all over again.

Watching her like this is heartbreaking. She is unable to walk, care for herself, eat on her own, or even think rationally. She flips from confused to scared to angry. The stroke paralysis is sad but the dementia is absolutely the worst.

Reading her reminder letters

Reading her reminder letters

She is always hugging the bear I gave her, although I’m not sure she realizes it. She uses her good arm to move the paralyzed arm out of the way.  She constantly looks at the letters I have on the table that she can reach. She reads them over and over again. She looks at the pictures on her senior tablet and answers the survey questions. Today a question asked how she was feeling and she checked “worse”.  She absolutely knew what she was checking and wanted me to hurry up and get here.

My husband and I are busy making changes in our life to adapt to taking grandma out of rehab.  Since she can’t live independently and we can’t afford 24/7 home care at her house, and we want to use a nursing home as a last resort option only, we are planning to bring grandma to our home when she is released.  We both work full time but think with the use of home aides and the systems we had in place at her house we will be able to manage it.   The goal is to reunite her with Mia.

Grandmas version off moving her left arm is to pick it up with her right hand.

Grandmas version of moving her left arm is to pick it up with her right hand.

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